Jade is thinking

Resume/Portfolio Template

A one-page template that combines material design with multiple features to help create a personal portfolio.

- Front-end development

- HTML5, SASS, vanilla JS (in MVC design pattern)

- Firebase (load and submit comments)

Code Website


A live coding tutorial on how to draw a Pikachu with pure CSS.

- Front-end development

- Flexbox, CSS, asynchronous

- Code highlighting (Prism.js)

Code Website

VR & Immersive Media Data Visualization

Data visualization of how immersive experiences drive user engagement. The research study was conducted with Associated Press and Multimer.

- Front-end development

- HTML5, CSS3, D3.js, Three.js

Code Website

I Am A Buddhist

An online wishing machine that automates the Buddhist pray practice for human, leaving all our wishes in a mystical universe.

- Full-stack development

- Speech synthesis, text-to-speech (AWS Polly)

- Node.js, Express.js, RESTful, MongoDB

- Web scrapping (python), WebGL (Three.js), Heroku

Decent Dialogue

A chatbot that simulates conversations among celebrities.

- Full-stack development

- NLP with spaCy

- Web scraping and automation (python), Flask

Runway In Store

A projection-based Augmented Reality installation that explores the future of retail experience.

- Creative technology

- Augmented reality (with Kinect v2)

- Visual programming in Unity (C#), shader programming

- Interaction design

The Wall

A large-scale projection mapping piece as a metaphor of the Great Firewall of China.

- Creative technology

- Motion capture (OptiTrack MoCap system), Motion Builder

- Unreal engine, video editing (Premiere)

- Projection mapping (Isadora)


A site-specific participative installation dedicated to the encounters between strangers, designed for BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music.)

- Creative technology

- Projection mapping, MaxMsp

- Experience design

Dimensions of Wave

An interactive installation that invites the audience to experience waves in different dimensions.

- Creative technology

- Physical computing (Arduino, serial communication)

- Generative sketch (p5.js)


Hey, I'm Jade (Jingfei) Lin, a creative technologist based in New York City, focusing on full stack web development, mixed reality and experiments with movement.

I recently graduated from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). Before that, I received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at South China University of Technology.

Dancing over walking, Mac over PC, AR over VR. Love talking tech and collaborative opportunities, reach out if you're interested!