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I Am A Buddhist

I Am A Buddhist is an online wishing machine that automates the Buddhist pray practice for human, leaving all our wishes in a mystical universe.

Tech: Node.js, Express.js, RESTful, MongoDB, python, Heroku, AWS polly, WebGL (Three.js), HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Team: Luqian Chen

My role: Full stack developer, UX Designer


According to Buddhist sutras, there are ten thousands of Buddhas in the world, which implys “infinity”. The information accessible on the Internet also brings us the feeling of “infinity”.

“I am a buddhist” combines these two “infinity” in an ironic way. Buddhists nowadays no longer spend hours or even days to worship every Buddha statues separately. And there’s a Chinese proverb called, “One never goes to the temple for nothing.” which is the satire of utilitarianism.


Living in a fast paced society Vs. Zen philosophy: living in the present


Digital media disturbances and violations take up most of our time, too easy to get information with the convenience of tech Vs. Ritual activities in Buddhism are often involved with repeated and cumulative acts, to have that emotional engagement (devotion or faith)


  • Juxtapose the combinations of technology and Buddhism
  • Concern about the influence of modern technologies on society
  • Investigate the impact of workload with automation technologies
  • Build a fast tool that performs the Buddhist practices for people, in a sarcastic way
  • Functionality

  • First stage:
    • Make a wish: The worshipper types the wish and submits it.
    • Worship the Buddha statues while repeating the wish: The computer-generated voice repeats the wish, together with thousands of images of Buddha statues flashing through.
    • Devotion and voices: The worshipper can adjust the devotion value which controls the speed of the repeating voice and images (higher devotion for higher speed). Various choices of languages (for both the user-typed wish and computer voice) are also available.
  • Second stage:
    • Designed a universe with a mystical and contemplative aesthetic using Three.js, where users can hear other people’s wishes that have been gathered forever looping in the cloud.
  • Image

    MVC architecture diagram